Harssidanzar, the brand with eagerness to make the world stylish, promises to create rich experiences at reasonable prices. Passionately for fashion and design, together with creativity, we brought to the world a brand that has the vision to enhance your style through high-quality accessories. We all love of the fine goods in life. We just don’t want to pay for them all the time. Or not too much. Harssidanzar aim to create for you the feel of luxury and high-life at an affordable price. Our main products, sandals and gloves, are only made with the best natural materials:  Italian sheepskin, Canadian deerskin and the softest cashmere.

       With the durability of leather, yet the softness and sensitivity of cashmere, our products are created with comfort and reliability at our core. We take care of all the ins and outs of our project. We don’t let anything to chance, so we can guarantee you the quality you expect. From the design and development to the manufacturing itself, we get fully involved in everything. We want you happy and satisfied 100%, if not you’ll get a refund for your purchase. You can see our brand vision of quality and satisfaction comes to fruition when the testimonials are plagued with comments like: “I didn’t expect for the leather to be so soft!, “ Astonishing pair of gloves for the price!”, “buttery smooth and soft, with a decadent cashmere lining”. The customer is our best ambassador and we take pride in keeping them satisfied. Offering an incredible customer service, we’re reachable on our website and social media platforms you can contact us from: Facebook, Email, Twitter, we’re taking care of you wherever you are, and we promise a 12 hours reach back time, no matter what medium you decide to contact them from.

       Harssidanzar vows to bring you a natural touch for your skin. Comfortable, and with ageless style.


Office address:1st Floor Front, 36 Gerrard Street,London W1D 5QA